Why children get frustrated falls under three main categories:

To Ask A Question

To Make A Request

To Leave A Situation

Learn more ways for your toddler to problem solve and communicate their needs

Support Is A Circle And We All Need Each Other

Help for Babies and Toddlers

Toddlers get frustrated and cry when they are not understood

The learning stations help your child understand relationship building, teamwork and improve communication.

Loose parts play encourages creativity through self-directed play which leads to better ideas and problem-solving.

Help for Youth and Adults

with Disabilities

Some people have barriers with finding paid meaningful work and natural supports

The Job Readiness Program empowers people to recognize the skills and gifts already there.  The Up Skills for Work curriculum and a resume writing workshop helps to build on those skills and a experienced team provides advocacy as needed.

Youth Center, Workshops

and Sign Language Classes

Client-focused service, strengths-based practices, and goal-directed programs.

Inclusive education that empowers and connects people through play and communication.



By the hour use of the learning stations,

loose parts play

and the youth centre 

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Sensory Room+3 Learning Stations+1 workshop

Youth centre+2 workshops

Loose parts play+3 Learning stations+1 workshop

Loose parts play, sensory room, learning stations, youth centre, and 1 workshop

By the hour use of the Sensory Room


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Monday - Saturday

6pm - 9pm

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