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Inclusion Playland

A Network That Helps Families

All Classes $80.00


Early Childhood Development

Baby Sign Language

Ages 0-2

Learn signs that you can use instantly with your baby

ABC’s, numbers 1-10, food/drinks, colours, daily routines, emotions, animals, and more


Professional and Personal Development

Job Readiness
Capture your strengths, build skills, and have the tools to succeed 

Dove Self-Esteem Series
Ages 7-14
Free Being Me
True to Me
Confident Me

Mentorship available


Parenting Development

New or Expectant Fathers

Dad's New Manual

I'm a Parent Now


Young Fathers

Dad's Toolkit

24 Hr Cribside Manual

Newcomer Fathers

Fathers in a New Land


Plus: Resources and Support


Support is a Circle and We All Need Each Other

What makes us inclusive is that we provide families with resources, support, and online classes

Improve job skills, enhance parenting skills, and youths can be empowered to have self esteem 

Connect with Us!

Looking Forward to Connecting with You

Family Time
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