Why children get frustrated falls under three main categories:

To Ask A Question

To Make A Request

To Leave A Situation

Learn more ways for your toddler to problem solve and communicate their needs

An Edmonton Childcare Centre That Helps Parents Do 2 Things:
Develop Their Children Using Holistic Methods
Build Intimate Bonds With Their Children

Ages 2-6 

  • Play

  • Learn

  •  Communicate


projects, interactive games,

small group participation and experiences from

ten different developmental domains

  Aged 7-14

  • Increased problem-solving skills

  • Improved coping responses

  • Boundary setting

  • Empowerment

  • Relationship building


Instructor led workshops


Self-directed activities

On a Rotating Basis

  • Baby Sign Language

  • Super Dad Super Kid

  • Cultural

Don't Miss Out!

Support is a Circle and

We All Need Each Other

Toddlers get frustrated and cry when they are not understood

The Inclusion Playland programs help your child understand relationship building, teamwork and improve communication.

What makes this educational center inclusive is the use of American Sign Language in all programming the implementation of a sensory program, providing resources and online workshops to improve families and enhance parenting skills


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