ASL is a Communication Tool for All Children

It is easy to use Baby Sign Language with all children. Sign with either babies or toddlers during daily routines such as eating, playtime, and bath time. How can you start making Baby Sign Language an important part of your daily lives?

Make a list of the top ten words you would like start with. I recommend that you use words that will be motivators like “Play” or words that are used more frequently like “More” and words that solve solutions such as “Hungry”. Use your top ten of signs everyday. Use the signs before, during and after everything you do with your child.

How to keep your child’s interest when signing words from your list?

At the Inclusion Playland, sign language is used when reading books, playing games, and singing songs. Babies are fascinated by your movements and your face, be animated, and get down to your baby’s level when signing. Have your toddler “help” by signing items on your shopping lists to find and buy.

How to create moments for children to increase their problem-solving skills using Baby Signing? Play keep away games with toys and food items. When your child reaches or points to an item just out of their reach, you say and sign at the same time “more” or “want more” or “more milk/juice/water”. Have toys that make music or have a continuous noise, turn it on to grab your child’s attention, turn it off and wait for your child to reaches for the toy or gestures, you sign and say at the same time ”more”, then turn on the noise/music for them.

Praise your child when they understand what your signs mean. When they start to sign back, the sign may not be a perfect handshape due to the fine motor skills not being as good as yours yet. Model the correct shape and praise every effort to communicate

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