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The Top 5 Pages Every Parent Should Follow

No parent is perfect at taking advantage of good resources. These five pages can be important for parenthood. Having a network of other parents with similar problems as well as solutions can help make challenges more manageable. Being a parent is more than a day job, it continues even when the child is asleep or at school.

Time for the Top 5 List

1. 24/7 Moms

Join their tribe for resources, giveaways, money, and time saving tips, even find date night ideas. The 24/7 Moms help make every moment count as a mom.

2. Pre-K pages

Pre-K Pages is focused on teachers but with Covid-19 more children will be learning at home. The P-K pages was created by Vanessa Levin, an early childhood teacher, consultant, public speaker, and author. She believes that learning should be fun. Pre-K Pages provides lesson plans; topics include writing, technology, science, and art. There are tips on teaching using play materials, and printable activities for children learning at home.

3. Wisdom Homeschooling

Join a home-schooled graduate who is a mom who kept up the tradition and home schools her own children. A home education specialist will help you navigate and receive wisdom with helpful videos.

4. Classroom Freebies Too

The classroom Freebies is a hybrid of The Classroom Freebies page. This page is great for keeping toddlers engaged.

5. ChildUp Early Education

The ChildUp Early Education page uses “The ChildUp Method” which provides information and tools for parents to raise successful and happy children. The method they use is based on real life parenting situations with positive and practical applications.

Comment on your suggestions for the next Top 5 Pages for parents to follow

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