Sensory or Snoezelen?

When Sensory or Snoezelen is the question, the answer is both. According to research done on the origins of a sensory/snoezelen room, it began in late 1970 by two Dutch therapists.

Their goal was to help people with disabilities find pleasure in their environments by slowly integrating play with various sensory experiences. Snoezelen was the name the therapists gave it.

At the Inclusion Playland there is a sensory program with features and activities that involve lights, sounds, aromas, and textures. The program is appropriate for all ages. The sensory program is designed to be inclusive so all children can enjoy the environment and activities.

Sensory overload causes a person to feel irritable, restless, wound up and they have the urge to cover their ears or keep their eyes closed. Sensory overload, being under stimulated and emotional dysregulation can happen to anyone.

The sensory program at the Inclusion Playland encourages communication through play and stimulation of the 5 senses.

Sensory or snoezelen? At the Inclusion Playland the answer is both. Enrol your child in the daycare and the out of school program.

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