Baby Sign Language for 0-2 Years

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Did You Know You Can “Read” Your Baby’s Mind Before They Can Even Say “Mama” Or “Dada”? (and also get them talking faster than other babies) Hello new parent. What if you could have an “early magical connection” with your baby? I’m talking as young as 0-2 years old. You’ll know exactly what they want whenever they cry... And you’ll never have to take a blind guess. (It’s like you’re a psychic who has telekinesis) Instead of letting your baby’s fussiness stress you out for 5 mins, you know right away in 20 seconds what they want... to please them... ...and make them stop crying in less than a minute. Wouldn’t this make your life so much easier? This idea sounds like a fiction until you discover that many parents out there have built his “early magical connection” with their babies. What's This “Early Magical Connection”? Hi, my name is Rebecca, I’ve been a personal support worker for 16+ years… An owner of an educational childcare company established in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, called the Inclusion Playland... And in the last 8 years, I’ve also had the experience of teaching 15+ Baby Sign Language classes to parents, daycares, and national-wide community centers such as YMCA across Alberta and Ontario. What does this have to do with the “early magical connection”? By teaching Baby Sign Language, I’ve helped many parents out there understand their babies as if they could speak to one another... Chances are, you have not heard of Baby Sign Language before. So let me take just a few minutes to share why it matters for you if you’re a parent of a baby between the age of 0-2. You see, crying is your baby's only language to express their needs. Whether that be them wanting more milk, more food, more hugs from you, and etc. Clearly, you can't understand your babies’ cries the way you understand adults speak. This means in the first 2 years, you’ll be easily shoved into stress and depression because: Your babies are waking you up at 2 30 am every night, leaving you confused because you don’t know what they REALLY want... And you’re also waking up every morning to scramble for a cup of coffee so you can tend to your baby and non-stop housework. I mean… how would this not drive any new parent insane? If you’re experiencing this, then please understand you won’t have to feel this way just because every other parent is going through this... And it’s not your fault for feeling frustrated and a little guilty for not kn

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